About Us

Shield My School, LLC

A team based approach to school security

Created by teachers for teachers.

ShieldMySchool.com was conceived of by a private school elementary teacher who believed there was a better way to account for children during emergency and lock down scenarios. Using technology, ShieldMySchool.com addresses potentially dangerous and chaotic situations and drastically lessens the inherent fear and stress surrounding school emergencies.

With real-time, touchscreen technology, ShieldMySchool.com allows every teacher and administrator within a school to quickly and easily account for all children in their rooms.

The info is shared instantly with everyone else logged into the program at the school, collectively updating on a second-to-second basis. ShieldMySchool.com allows a staff to account for the student body far more quickly than any other process that has been created. The touchscreen technology allows teachers and administrators to confirm the most crucial information in any situation – that students are safe.

Our Team

We are awesome people